Falling into the Siphon – Completed

Back in February of this year, I had decided to post all of my first initial novel I had written in 2014 one chapter at a time. Last week, I had posted chapter 28 of Falling into the Siphon, the final chapter.

I have now added a clean catalog for those interested in reading it at the top of the page! As well as linking to it from [ here ] !

For now, this blog will go under a hiatus – as I’ve still not found the best balance to get weekly content out in a quality I would be proud of. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to post long content like Falling into the Siphon again, or even more chapters from other projects!




Falling into the Siphon – Release

In 2014 I participated in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, and succeeded in writing 50-thousand words for one continuous work – one I’ve not teased nor posted portions of them before on any websites besides one solitary website – on Amazon as an ebook. Obviously, due to failures on my part, there was no signal boosting nor shilling it despite the low price-point I had set for it. And now, I’ve made the leap to go ahead and post it.

Starting on Monday, February 13th, I’ll be posting “Falling into the Siphon” chapter by chapter on a weekly basis. Hopefully around the same time each week.

Why Monday? Partly because of my work schedule; but also that releasing on Mondays gives people an entire work week to find time – without taking space from the primary ‘weekend days’.

It will be posted as “Blood in my mouth; it’s not mine” has been, with content warnings before the cut.


May Announcement

As stated in the April Announcement post, I am working on doing major alterations on the previously named ‘Igniting the Curtains‘ story. Thus far I’ve done alterations up to the mid-point of chapter 4. The reworked first chapter is to be put up on Thursday, the 5th, and the second will be posted on the following Thursday. After that the remaining chapters are going to be staggered out to release every other following Thursday.

The new title is;

Blood in my mouth; it’s not mine

I may or may not have a small title card idea.

The related tag is; Bloody Mouth