Falling into the Siphon; [18]

Few people notice the absence of Victor Lewis, an Urbex that targets one building a month, taking pictures and recording video. Two weeks ago, he targeted an abandoned mall, and told friends of his plans – only they made the connection to his plans and disappearance, and share it on a small local forum. As the rumors spread, more follow after Victor’s footsteps.

Mature | Death; Body mutilation; Body horror;

“We have to get that thread down before anyone gets any ideas,” Alexis starts, letting the projector display her laptop and the thread posted by VTLewis. “If we’re going to do this, and it is a stupid fucking idea, we need to keep other kids from going in. So far, from what I gathered on his thread, was that the mall opened up about a year or so ago then closed down after six months. Previous reports during the time it was constructed and after it was open for the short time states that a lot of people were uncomfortable about the location, or mostly noted was of the area that became the center-most area of the mall. There are very few images I found that were taken of the mall during the time of construction – and a fountain looks like it is at the center of the structure from the three main mega-chain store points and the legitimate entrances.  That’s all the post really holds, except for that over time VTLewis became more drawn to it over an extended period of time as he constantly did stake-outs from the outer rim.” She turns over the Carol, who sits on the corner of the couch.

“The outside of the place is covered with graffiti, and from what I saw a small gang has a hold on the area – their White Rats almost everywhere. Most of it is well sealed except for one area on the northern most side of the building – a bay door that might be propped up by something.” She looks over at Hadi, a bottle of water held in one hand, a bowl of soup in the other. “So, what do you think?”

“The police can handle it,” Hadi takes a sip of the bottled water and puts it down beside the armchair. “Can’t they? Why should we go?”

“It’s not as much as a ‘why should we go’ as a ‘why won’t we go’,” Alexis comments before Carol finishes her bottle of orange juice and turns over to Hadi again.

“Because I know someone that went into there, I took her home last week, and this week she showed up as missing – her friend, or brother, said she left for the mall the following day and has not come back since. I at least owe him a try to getting her back. And two other ones, I saw them enter the building, and did nothing!” Carol taps her bottle on the side of the couch. “Besides, I got sort of a back-up plan if it’s a complete bust or we fuck up majorly.”

Hadi, taking a break from his soup, leans back on the chair. “And what would that be?”

“Since I know the guy that I talked to at the mall last week, as well as his number, I thought he could be our relay every half hour or so, just to make sure we were alright.”

“What does he think of it?” Carol shrugs. “So you haven’t even tried to talk with him about it?”

“I was thinking of doing it after we made all our plans to get in, and when.” Carol shrugs, finishing off the bottle then turns to Alexis. “Has there been any new comments on the thread, Alexis?” The projector copies the scrolling on Alexis’ laptop, passing pages of comments that slow down around the end of October, and picked up again a week ago;


7TrevorSnake7 : OP hasn’t updated since the first, could’ve anything happened to him?


URBEXOH1: The thread is locked until further notice.


URBEXOH2: Unlocking for discussion. Has anyone had any contact with VTLewis?


ChesireCat38: No, I called him a few times on his phone.


RhynoTorch: He’s not answering emails, or IMs


URBEXOH2: Okay, so he has not contacted anyone?


JEJ: Nope, it’s been almost a week since he signed in too.


URBEXOH: I’m putting a notice up on the front page, to see if anyone has talked with him.


QTGranite87: I saw a missing poster for a guy with V T and Lewis in their name, same person?


URBEXOH1: TCam has alerted me that they are the same person in IM, but I am leaving the thread open in case anyone has any info.


ImpishTerror : Hey, I checked out the mall he went to. A guy gave us the directions and are thinking of going in, good idea y/n?


URBEXOH2: It’s worth a shot, but be careful.


ImpishTerror: Haha, yea, because of the local gang – me and my homie are planning to go to it on the 15th, so spooky hahaha


“Well, shit,” Alexis groans, Carol stands and stares. “What’s wrong?”

“Wasn’t the 15th yesterday?” The room goes so silent that the groaning of the projector is the loudest noise. “Alexis, please tell me the thread can be hidden or something.”

“I’ll try and see, no idea if any of the admins are awake,” she opens the profiles of the admins present in Victor’s Mall Thread, and opens a message box for both then turns to Carol.

“Uhm, okay. It has come to my attention that – oh shit, uh, that several people have been vanishing in the vicinity of the mall in the thread posted by VTLewis. Should I mention how many people?” Hadi nods, brows crossed. “Okay, ten people have been missing so far, and I think – what the fuck was that poster’s name?” Alexis opens up the thread tab. “Ah, Impishterror, and I think Impishterror and any other person that attempts to go in it are in serious danger. The names of the missing people are listed in the Toledo and Findlay areas, and all have disappeared started on November first. I feel that either deleting the thread or hiding it would be beneficial to the residents and police force in both areas. And the typical signature at the end.” Alexis adds on the end ‘The Toledo Three’ and then goes back over the message. With any errors or spelling mistakes removed, she copies and sends the message off to the first admin, and pasts it in a message to the second admin.

“There, hopefully they’ll respond soon.”

Hadi, standing in the back of the room against his kitchen countertop, finishes his bottle of water and drops it in a paper bag. “Can you play the video again?”

“Sure, just give me a minute.” A few clicks and the slowed down silent video plays again, and again, on the projector. They remain silent while Hadi thinks and watches the video closely. The slow turning of the lit eyes, the mark left on the glass from what could’ve been an arm, and that’s about all Carol and Alexis see, but Hadi’s creative mind could piece it together.

“I think what that straight handled object on its – “ he reaches his left arm around to his right shoulder and pulls away, “ – I think it’s a knife stuck in the thing’s shoulder. The video repeats and Hadi walks to the wall, “see how it turns with the same rate as the rest of the form? It can’t be on the back since it doesn’t fit with the angle.” He reaches up to his arm again. “So it’s something – probably a large kitchen knife, in its arm. And the black tarp – if I remember correctly is used to block windows – was moved by something else than the handle. Look, see how the tarp moves before the handle shifts backwards?”

“Oh… yeah, yeah, I see it now,” comments Alexis.

“And if that means what I think it means, it still has mobility of the arm with the knife stuck in it… and then the mark it leaves with what I guess is the left hand. So, bleeding profusely?”

“One hell of a murderer in there,” snides Carol, staring back to Alexis when she gives a dirty look. “What?”

“So you are excited to go in there with what could be a mass murderer, which has killed ten, maybe twelve people?”

“No, but if it’s not what I thought it could be, then praise be anything. A person can die easily, but something like a skin walker or a zombie? Not so much.” Alexis rolls her eyes and closes the video player and returns to the web browser. “Hey, think you can bring up the missing person database?”

“No, I believe you, Carol.”

“Just bring it up Alexis.” It takes Alexis a short time to find the state website of missing persons, and Alexis scrolls down through the first of 6 pages, stopping on Carol’s command.


Jessica Namesy, 23, missing since 11/18/2013, a picture of her smiling face sat on the left side, a scrawl of text beneath it. LAST SEEN: Last seen on the morning of 11/17/2013 by brother, reported missing the next day when she hasn’t come back for her daughter.

Bennie Thompson, 22, missing since 11/17/2013, his picture showed him with a wrestling belt around his arm. LAST SEEN: Last seen on the night of 11/16/2013 with his girlfriend who is also missing. Has a full-arm tattoo on left arm and a skull on the back of his neck.

Katerine Whendel, 21, missing since 11/17/2013, her picture was her bikinied body bare and muscles oiled. LAST SEEN: Last seen with boyfriend and younger brother, wearing a thick jacket with a custom back pattern.

Vince Whendel, 16, missing since 11/17/2013, his picture was of him playing with a white rat. LAST SEEN: Last seen with older sister Katerine Whendel. Wears gauges in both ears and has a birthmark on upper back.


“Those four are the people I talked with on the 16th, John was their friend. This is important to him, and I told him I’d help in any way I could. He can help us get some more information, spread around the area to stay out of it – or start some way to prevent people from getting in.” Carol seats herself and looks at Alexis, then Hadi. “Any other plans on what to do? We could either do something, or do nothing.”

“I think we’d come to a better conclusion if we had John to be part of this discussion,” Hadi starts, “But I agree, doing nothing would not help this situation, since – beside us and whatever the hell is in there – no one else has a clue what is going on or where their loved one is at.” He looks around, waiting for the other two to add something into the conversation.

“When do we think would be a good time to go in? I need to squeeze them into my classes, Carol has her managing obligations, and you don’t got a ride,” Alexi comments while turning the projector off and disconnecting the laptop.

“I can drive Hadi down there, and I can drive John up here to figure a plan out. The earlier we do this, the more people we can keep from going missing. How about the night of the 28th, before national stuff-your-face day; we’ll all be free to do it then,” Carol looks between the both of them, watching Hadi’s ‘thinking’ pose to fade and Alexis’ distant stare to shift into a nod.

“Yeah, and if we go missing it’s an instant reaction,” snaps Alexis, packing up her laptop.

“Alright, so, later today would it be sensible to bring John up to talk?” Carol begins to stand, pulling her half open backpack up to the coffee table and stuffs it up again.

“As long as I can still use this apartment, I got to be moved out by tomorrow,” Hadi holds up a hand to Carol, “another friend of mine can help me move by tomorrow, don’t worry about it.” Carol does a short nod and pulls her cell and car keys out of her backpack, then heads out the door.



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