2017 Update – Q1

I apologize for not being at least semi-active on this here; things have shifted in my life over the past couple months that made it at least semi-difficult with producing content for my small readership. There’s reasons (or excuses , if you want to see them that way) why I’ve not been as active in creating things as I have in the past, on here and on other platforms.

In August I finally landed myself a job, one that fit my current schedule at the time. As time went on things that had previously been set up started falling out of place, to where I am right now. One of the things that changed that affected me the most was my mental state – even though I was better off with a physical, mostly stable job, my creative talents fell by the wayside, resulting in making plans but nothing came out of them.

I enjoy the night-driving, as my job requires me to come in the early morning; it leaves me satisfied when I come back home. But, as stated, I didn’t make or keep plans to keep my creativity persistent – leaving me with the large productivity gap that has plagued me for the last couple months.

However, I do have an idea on some way to fill out this blog a bit more – but the thing is I want to vet the ideas before implementing them, which  is hard when there’s not really that many people to vet them to.


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