September Update

September has not been a real kind month for me.

Over the past two months I’ve not done much with posting on this blog, despite numerous ideas or projects being partly worked on. The lack of content comes from adjustments in my life for the better – although it takes away from time to produce more content, it allows for better mental allocation relating to works and ideas. However, an accumulating mass of ‘shit to do’ has detracted me a bit – but has since be for the most part resolved.

As of this time I have a couple things that I want/need to work on. A few of them are longer while others are short or one-shot types. I am still iffing about releasing/posting my current daily writings – as some of them may contain spoilers for my original works.

However, I do plan on releasing the first chapter of another work to make up for the extended drought of content. At least by the first it’d be posted. A short scrapped together synopsis – hopefully not hyping it up – set in the age of the Dust Bowl, a girl without a home is taken away from her world, destined to save her world and others.


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